It’s inevitable. Bad road conditions are on their way. Here are some tips to help keep you, and your family safe this Winter.


1. When road conditions are poor, don’t go anywhere that you don’t need to go. Even if you feel like you can drive well, it’s tough to avoid another vehicle that is spinning out of control. Stay in, make some hot cocoa, and warm yourself by the fire instead.

2. Drive slowly. Don’t worry about the guy behind you. Drive at a speed that you are comfortable with.

3. Don’t touch your brakes unless you need to. You’re better off to slow down ahead of time, and attempt to keep your vehicle rolling at a red light. It’s tough to get your vehicle rolling again once it’s come to a complete stop, and you may get stuck.

4. Don’t make any sudden moves. This includes jerking the steering wheel, or braking quickly. This will only cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Instead, apply slow, even pressure to the brakes, when you need to, and keep the wheel straight. When you neeed to turn, slow down, turn the wheel slowly, and apply slow, even pressure to the accelerator until you are at your desired speed.

5. Keep an emergency kit in case you do get stuck. Your emergency kit should include a small shovel, cat litter, candles, a blanket, boots, flares, water, granola bars, or other healthy snacks, a flashlight, a bright coloured cloth to tie to your antennae.

6. Get Winter tires. Winter tires handle much better in snowy and icy conditions than Summer, or all season tires. Find out more about the benefits of Winter tires here

7. Make sure you keep your vehicle properly maintained, including lube, oil, filters, and brake inspections. This will ensure that your vehicle is always in tip top shape, and lessens your chances of break down.

8. Practice controlling skids in a safe area. When your vehicle skids, you must turn in to the skid, and accelerate. This will transfer the weight of the vehicle from the front, to the back, and helps you to regain control.

9. Don’t use cruise control in snowy or icy conditions. If you hydroplane while the cruise control is on, this will cause your vehicle to try and accelerate.

10. Pay attention. It’s always important to pay attention. However, when road conditions are bad, it is even more important to ensure that you are alert, and aware of what is going on around you, so that you may react more quickly if something happens.