Kelly Wilks


I am writing to you regarding one member of your team: Kelly Wilks.

I would like you to know that my wife and I were supper happy with the way Ms. Wilks handled the the sale of our new truck.

She was extremely kind, knwledgeable, patient and professional during the whole process. My wife and I really liked the way she trated us during the whole process. She explained everything to us and answered all our questions with a high degree of confidence.

We purchased vehicles in the past, but this was the best buying experience for us when purchasing a car/truck.

I am sure you have other excellent people on your team, but Ms. Wilks is outstanding.

Please extend our congratulations and thanks to Ms. Wilks for a job wanderfully accomplished.

Congratulations to you for having such excellent people on your team.

Best regards,

J.S & C.S