2020 Buick Encore

The 2020 Buick Encore, is the small SUV with the big personality. Its compact frame makes it agile enough for busy city streets, but still versatile and spacious enough for long road trips.

This peppy little cross over comes with a 1.4L 4 cylinder turbocharged engine, and 6 speed automatic transmission. It boasts superior fuel efficiency while maintaining enough pick up, to get the blood flowing.

The 2020 Buick Encore is equipped with quiet tuning technology for a cabin void of unwanted noise. Sound dampening features in the hood include a thick undercoat padding, as well as a rubber seal along hood to insulate against excess engine noise. The Active Noise Cancellation feature uses microphones in the cabin that listen to the low booming often made by 4 cylinder engines, and sends out noise cancelling sound wave to virtually eliminate engine noise.

In todays busy world, it’s almost impossible to do the recommended vehicle check before you head out each day, and most of us don’t even think about it when we’re heading out the door. Not to worry, Buick has you covered. The 2020 Encore comes complete with 10 years of connected access. Whether it’s a burned-out light bulb, maintenance due, or low tire pressure, you will receive a cell notification, so you never have to worry about finding out about important issues the hard way. This feature allows you to also start your car from anywhere there is a data connection, on your phone, tablet, or smart watch.

Keyless entry on all 4 doors, comes standard on all trim levels, as well as remote start. The remote start feature, will turn on different devices depending on temperature, such as the defroster, heated steering wheel, heated seats, etc.

Buick prides itself on being a premium brand, and the cabin in the 2020 Buick Encore does not disappoint. It is built with premium materials, and you can feel the quality in every detail, from the real stitching on the doors and dash, metal accents, to the plush yet firm seats. The front passenger seat folds flat. The drivers seat is as ergonomic as possible with all of the controls placed so that they can be easily reached. The front drivers and passenger seats are heated, and power seats are standard on all trims. The dual zone automatic climate control ensures an enjoyable ride for everyone.

The Encore is a compact SUV, but Buick has really hit the mark with maximizing the available cargo space. The front passenger seat folds flat to fit larger objects, and the back is fitted with a hard, durable surface, to minimize wear and tear. The back seats fold completely flat, so transporting objects is a breeze.

When it comes to technology, Buick has really hit the mark. Every Buick Encore is fitted with an eight inch colour touch screen. The interface is icon based, and user friendly. Every touchscreen includes projection mode. To use projection mode, simply plug your phone in to the USB input, and press projection on the colour touchscreen. This will display all of your vehicle friendly apps.

Safety is the Encores middle name. If you’ve ever tried to pull out of a parking space in between two larger vehicles, you can appreciate the rear cross traffic alert. The rear corner panel is fitted with a radar that senses when a person or another vehicle is coming close, and notifies the driver with seat vibrations, and an audible alert. The same radar is also used for the side blindzone alert. One of the things that makes Buick unique, is the 10 standard airbags. No matter where your passengers are sitting in the vehicle, you know they will be safe in case of an accident.

The Buick Encore is the compact SUV that packs a big punch. With its abundance of safety and convenience features, you will not be disappointed with the bang it packs for your buck.

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