12 Gifts To Get For Your Car This Christmas

Your vehicle does so much for you. Give back to your vehicle this holiday season with these 12 awesome gift ideas:

Return your vehicle to that showroom shine it once had, and turn heads as you drive by. The next best thing to buying a new car, is making your old car look like you just bought it.
Rubber Floor Mats – Nothing will mess your vehicle up, quite like slush, snow, and salt, and it’s so hard to clean. Rubber floor mats will help you contain that mess on one, easy to remove, and easy to clean surface.

Multi Point Vehicle Health Check:
You can’t put a price on peace of mind. A Multi Point Vehicle Health Check is an extensive inspection of all major components in your vehicle. You will receive a report that outlines everything that was inspected, what is in good working order, what will need attention in the future, and what requires immediate attention. To view the vehicle health check sheet, click here MPVHC Checklist

Oil Change:

One of the best things that you can do for your car, is to get an oil change, according to the manufacturers specifications. Routine oil and filter changes keep your vehicle running at peak by removing particles, and built up gunk. This will not only improve your engines performance but will increase fuel efficiency as well. Click here to book a service appointment Book a Service Appointment

A Cool License Plate Holder:
One of the best ways that you can inject a little of your own personality in to your car, with a decorative license plate holder. Make a statement and jazz up your vehicle while you`re at it.

A Good Set Of Windshield Wipers:
Few things are more frustrating than the struggle to see out your windshield when it`s raining, or snowing. On the other hand, few things are more satisfying than a good set of wipers.

Air Freshener:
There`s just something about getting in to a vehicle that smells good.

12V Cell Phone Charger:
If you go on long road trips, it`s inevitable that your phone is going to die. Especially if you`re listening to music. A 12V cellphone charger may seem like a small gesture, but it`s the gift that keeps on giving.

Wireless Charging Mount:

If you have a few extra bucks to spend. Why not invest in a wireless charging mount. This handy device will allow you to put your phone at eye level while using your gps, and ensure that your phones battery doesn`t die while you`re driving.

Hanging Organizer:
We carry so many things in our vehicles, from hair brushes, to water bottles, and it doesn`t take long to cause a clutter. Your car really wants a hanging organizer, to clean up the clutter, and make it easier for you to find what you`re looking for.

Dash Cam:
There has been a big increase in the popularity of dash cams these days. Protect your vehicle, and yourself.

Emergency Kit:
We spend a good portion of our lives in our vehicles, and often travel a long way from home. This makes the chances of becoming stranded, at least once, fairly high. Your Emergency kit should include an emergency blanket, candles, a lighter, flares, a water bottle, granola bars, a tool to cut your seatbelt, and break the glass, a small shovel, a wind up flashlight.